5 Hz Low Freqnecy High Sensitivity Geophone 1.5 years Warranty YB-A032

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PS-5R is a new geophone featuring a high-sensitivity and low natural frequency. Sensitivity is comparable to an array geophones.


Low Freqnecy: 5 Hz

High sensitivity compared to conventional geophone: 83V/m/s

Light weight and easy to deploy

Product Specifications:

Parameter/mode PS-5R(20℃)
Natural Frequency (Hz) 5±10%
Coil Resistance (Ω) 2950±5%
Sensitivity (V/m/s) 83±8%
Damping 0.7±10%
Spurious Frequency (Hz) ≥120
Distortion (%) ≤0.2
Max.Motion (mm) 2.54
Moving Mass (g) 17
Dimensions (d×h)mm 30.2×39.9
Temperature Range (℃) -40~+80
Warranty Period(Year) 1.5
Weight (g) 144.3

* Warranty excludes damage caused by high voltage or physical damage to element. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change at sole discretion of XYB.

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