11.5HZ Geophone Vertical and Horizontal Available YB-A057

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The natural frequency is 11.5Hz, which can meet the vertical and horizontal testing in various fields such as engineering vibration measurement, hand-held meters and so on.


Vertical and horizontal are available

It has the characteristics of small size and light weight.

Measuring bandwidth, effective bandwidth and low frequency band can be reduced to 10 Hz.

Product Specifications:

Parameter/mode YB-A057 (20℃)
Natural Frequency (Hz) 11.5±7.5%
Coil Resistance (Ω) 1625±5%
Sensitivity (V/m/s) 40±6%5100Ω
Damping 0.67±7.5%5100Ω
Distortion (%) ≤0.9
Max.Motion (mm) 2
Moving Mass (g) 10.2
Dimensions (d×h)mm 25.4×36
Temperature Range (℃) -40+70
Warranty Period(Year) 1
Weight (g) 74.5

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